How we work

Think of us as coaches for your home improvement projects.

With 17+ years of experience, Tried & True Mgmt. has developed hundreds of working relationships with various subcontractors from Roofers, Carpenters, HVAC, Plumbers to Millwork, Glass, Flooring & Tile. These bonds enable any type of projects to be streamlined into action without the hassle of becoming part of a waiting list. 

We have simplified the process into 5 easy steps

  1. Consultation to review your needs. 
  2. A tailor made scope & price quote is prepared based on those needs. This plan includes pre construction and post construction scope. We also advise on any potential risks and plan accordingly.
  3. The Trade/s or Subcontractors that fit the plan are identified.
  4. We organize a meeting between you and the Trade/s or Subcontractors.
  5. Project parameters like pricing, timeline and management are finalized.

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