Edward Tassey, Founder & CEO of Tried & True Mgmt.

Tried & True Mgmt. is a residential construction consulting firm who’s mission is to educate and prepare a homeowner to undertake any remodel or renovation.

These are the core values of our company.

Conventional construction wisdom tells us that any project big or small can be arduous, overcoming this misconception is the first crucial step in our game plan.

Communication & leadership have always been at the forefront of success throughout Edward’s career. It has led him to excel through the ranks and earned him top positions within large general contracting firms. Tried & True Mgmt. is a culmination of all of Edward’s experience and he will continue to approach every project like it is a multimillion-dollar project. 

The following positions and experience has had a formative impact on Edward Tassey’s construction career and hands on experience in residential home construction and remodeling.

Before Tried & True Mgmt, Edward was a Senior Field Operations Manager for Vanguard Construction, the Director of Operations for CJS Industries worked for various General Contractors throughout New York & New Jersey. He has accumulated over 17+ years’ experience within the industry.

He oversaw the construction of a ground up $50 million dollar charter school in the Bronx. During this project and others he accompanied the owners on job interviews and managed various projects in all areas of NYC during all phases of construction. Ed reviewed bid drawings and prepared RFI’s, RFE’s while assisting with estimating in project buy out. 

Communication is of utmost important in every successful construction project. Ed coordinated weekly internal meetings to review progress of the project and go over the financials. Weekly job status, subcontractor, financial, and toolbox meetings were organized and prioritized. He worked together with ownership and CM’s daily on project status, CO’s, & finances. 

Delegation, organization and follow-up are the hallmarks of an effective Field Operations Manager. His attention to detail and meticulous treatment of information has been essential in the success of each project, keeping his team on time and within budget. Ed disseminated, tracked, updated all architectural, engineering drawings and specifications; SK’s and other Submittals (RFI’s, Shop Drawings, and samples) and maintained associated logs. He prepared daily progress reports, and three week look ahead. Contract general conditions were tracked with the project manager and the jobsites were coordinated accordingly.

Throughout his career, Ed Tassey has accomplished significant advances for large construction firms including increasing their profit margins on large projects and introducing and overseeing new operations protocols, roles and responsibilities. He truly shines at selecting talented teams and individuals who will bring with them an excellent work ethic, experience and aesthetic to every job he takes on.

With years of experience managing project managers, superintendents, and laborers from all phases of construction including pre-construction and post construction amounting to over 50 projects and more than 30 employees including the following:

  • Ace Hotel 20 W 29th St, (NY, NY) GFI Development Company
  • 13 Floors including Lobby, Roof, & Cellar & Sub cellar 260,000 Sf. (30 million)
  • Breslin Restaurant 15,000 Sf. (11 million)
  • Ace Event Space/ Commercial Kitchen 20,000 Sf.  (15 million) 
  • John Dory Restaurant 20,000 Sf.  (10 million)
  • Ronald McDonald House Playroom 405 E 73rd St, (NY, NY) 3,000 Sf. (100,000 thousand)
  • Pacific College for Oriental Medicine 110 William Street (NY, NY) Gut Rehab 50,000 Sf. (8 million)
  • Michael Kors Restack 11 West 42nd street (NY, NY) Restack 9 floors 450,000SF (95 million)
  • Jimmy Choo 11 West 42nd street (NY, NY) Gut Rehab 2 floors 40,000SF (4 million)
  • Balmain 11 West 42nd street (NY, NY) Gut Rehab (3,000SF) (660,000 thousand) 
  • Buzzfeed Corporate Office 111 E. 18th Street (NY, NY) 6 floors 300,000SF (30 million)

Edward earned an education at Pratt Institute: September 2003 – May 2008 and has a bachelor professional studies in Construction Management, Magna Cum-Laude with a 3.8 GPA.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Pratt Institute Outstanding Merit Award: Distinction for highest achievement in the School of Architecture


  • 30 Hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course in Construction Safety & Health
  • 40 Hour Site Safety Manager
  • SST 62 Hour Supervisory
  • Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC)