Construction Consultant and Project Manager

for Residential Construction & Home Improvements in New Jersey & New York

Why Use a Homeowner’s Consultant?

As homeowner’s consultant or an owner’s representative,
Tried & True Mgmt. is an experienced expert in the construction industry who can work on behalf of New Jersey homeowners as a liaison between themselves and the subcontractors they need to complete their home improvement or construction project. 

Homeowner consultants have a wealth of real-world, field-tested construction experience. They can be there to help bridge the information gap that homeowners face, offering far more specific advice than anything the internet at large can provide.

What Does A Homeowner’s Consultant Do? Our Services include:

  • Quotes and a budgets for home construction projects.
  • Estimates for remodels/upgrades.
  • Advice and consultations on project timeline, procurement of materials, time and money saving strategies and more.
  • A list of trusted and experienced subcontractors to work with.
  • Project management – if needed.
  • Interested in Moving? Provide in depth review on how simple renovations can increase home sale value. 

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